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Concord, NH

Concord NH Winter Festival

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Come see some of the best ice carving talent in New England!

Concord NH Winter Festival is a family-friendly event that takes place annually on a Friday and Saturday at the end of January on the New Hampshire State House Lawn in Concord, New Hampshire over the same weekend as the Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament.

Registration for the 2024 Concord, NH Winter Festival Ice Carving Demonstrations & Competition (January 26-28, 2023) is now open!

Attendees enjoy access to a hand full of food trucks stay warm and keep their belly full while participating in a variety of fun outdoor winter activities! Attendees can also witness ice carving up close from some of the best ice carvers in New England.

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Initially organized to celebrate the grand opening of The Hotel Concord, the Ice Carving Demonstrations & Competition has been held annually since 2019 as part of the Concord NH Winter Festival in partnership with Intown Concord. Thanks to the generosity of the New Hampshire State House, the ice carvings are allowed to remain in order to create a week-long ice sculpture garden (weather permitting, of course) for residents and visitors alike.

Carving ice is made by a special process that freezes water from the bottom. This process allows the impurities to rise to the top and be trimmed off, resulting in a crystal clear block of ice. Each block of ice is 40 inches by 20 inches by 10 inches and weighs 300 pounds.

The ice carvings are judged by evaluating:

The real fun starts when temperatures drop below zero.

To help families familiarize themselves with ice carving, we recommend watching this fun Molly of Denali episode.
Molly of Denali
Season 1, Episode 18
Ice Sculpture; Tale of a Totem

Past Winners


  1. TIE - Eric Knoll + Michael Legassey
  2. Dennis Hickey
  3. Alex Brenieki
  4. David Soha
  5. David Barclay


  1. Michael Legassey
  2. Eric Knoll
  3. Dennis Hickey
  4. David Soha
  5. Alex Brenieki



  1. Dennis Hickey
  2. David Soha
  3. Eric Knoll
  4. Michael Legassey
  5. Alexander Bieniecki



  1. Michael Legassey
  2. Eric Knoll
  3. David Barclay
  4. Joseph Montroy


  1. Eric Knoll
  2. Michael Legassey
  3. Joseph Montroy

All ice carvers have the opportunity to participate in the sponsored ice carving demonstrations on Friday with the ice carving competition happening on Saturday.

The first five (5) ice carvers will receive a complimentary stay at The Hotel Concord on Friday night, which includes a complimentary breakfast on Saturday morning.

The entry deadline is December 31, 2023.

Concord NH Winter Festival Ice Carving Demonstrations

Friday Schedule

The ice blocks will be placed on the ground and lit up with LED lights to illuminate the interactive ice carving demonstrations at night.

Concord, NH Winter Festival Ice Carving Competition

Saturday Schedule

This is an Individual Freestyle Competition. Each ice carver will be provided one (1) block for the ice carving competition with a half (0.5) a block as a base and will have four (4) hours to carve.

The ice blocks will be placed on wood pedestals with integrated uplighting for the ice carving competition.

Electricity is provided to the location of the ice carvings, but ice carvers are expected to provide their own extension cords. Light towers with generators are provided for light and back up power.



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