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2020 NH First-in-the-Nation Primary

Every four years, New Hampshire residents get to exercise a special privilege. Voting is no privilege-- that's a constitutional right, one that has been fought for and requires vigilance to maintain. But the ability to shake every single candidate's hand, to speak to a U.S. Senator from your booth at a diner, to have your small slice of America transform into the eye of our political storm for a week in February? That's a privilege, and that's what we have access to every four years in New Hampshire. The Granite State has hosted the nation's first primary of each election cycle since 1920, and has been bound to do so by state law since 1977.

The Hotel Concord, while new on the New Hampshire scene, is celebrating New Hampshire Primaries, past, present, and future. We've curated a permanent installation in our hotel: an historical collection of iconic photographs of candidates on campaign visits to our state, from the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, displayed in our halls and lounges. We've played host to multiple candidates this cycle, and expect to host more-- these things happen when you're the premier hotel in New Hampshire's capital during Primary season. We're excited to be a hub of activity and importance-- and offer luxury and comfort to those weary campaign travelers-- for the 2020 First in the Nation Primary.

See NHPR's candidate tracker (created and maintained by New Hampshire Public Radio) below our photo gallery on this page to keep up with the numerous-- as many as twenty daily-- candidate events held in New Hampshire in the days leading up to the Primary.